Thursday, July 18, 2013

Instant Rewards Detailed Review


Instant Rewards Review Introduction

Whats up? Walt here with another Instant rewards tutorials blog post. This post will not be too long. I just want to inform you about Instant Rewards. To be honest with you this program can be life changing for you!! I truly mean that!!

What I have learned with this business opportunity is that, you have to work this business for it to pay you like a business!! For example, some referral agents gets to frustrated when they work this program they quit before they even start!

They may post like 20-25 ads for like a day and when they don't get a response they say this program doesn't work or better yet that this program is a Scam!! I felt that way too initial!! What I have learn is that,you have to work extremely hard to make money with this program.

My Detailed review of Instant Rewards

What I like about Instant Rewards is the support that they will give, you to be successful with this program.For example, they have a private Facebook group with two moderators which are Anthony Wright (He's the owner of Instant Rewards) and Lidel Smith (hes the moderator for the FB group).

From my experience these guys go the extra mile to answer any questions we have for them they will give, you tips on how to market and etc. That's only beginning the Facebook group the members are so caring for each other in the group they provide motivation and tips on how to get you making money with this program. This hits home for me because they don't have to do this!

Instant Rewards Detailed YouTube Video

Here's a detailed video Review of me giving a review of this great program. I also explain to you as your future sponsor this means I will show you how to work your business to help and teach you how to make daily cash with this program.

I let you know that I will pay you a $20 rebate if you do Instant Rewards Starter ($20 per referral) and Instant Rewards 60 ($60 per referral plus a $10 dollar bonus). This incentive from me is only valid if you only do the two sites for me I just describe.

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